Red Alert

Samuel Adams is releasing a limited edition IPA


Samuel Adams combines two of our city’s greatest pastimes—beer and baseball—in its brewery-exclusive Red Seat IPA. Named after Fenway Park’s iconic “red seat,” which marks the spot where Ted Williams’ famous 502-foot-long home run hit a fan in 1946, this new brew is heavily dry-hopped. The limited edition boasts fruity Australian hops balanced by a smooth malt backbone that mingles with notes of toffee, yielding a complex sip with a citrus finish. Only 502 bottles ($20 each) will be released, so those interested should hurry to the Jamaica Plain brewery for a taste at Red Seat’s launch party on Sept. 27. And as for how to enjoy it, the folks at Sam Adams say the IPA is best paired with a Sox victory. Hopefully, there’s plenty of those in October.

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