Sparkle In Pink


Take two of the hottest trends in the wine business, rosé and sparkling wine, marry them together and what do you have? A winner! The following bottles of pink bubbly are guaranteed to make any occasion a delicious celebration. Each incorporates some of the cherry- and berry-like flavors of red grapes with the “cut” and structure imparted by the dissolved carbon dioxide.

JCB Brut Rosé, Crémant de Bourgogne, NV

Crafted by the amazing Jean-Charles Boisset in the traditional method, this crémant is pale, engagingly aromatic and bone dry. With a pinot noir base, it has a floral, subtle red fruit character and a creamy texture. It finishes with a chalky citric minerality and is a great foil for smoked fish, charcuterie or other salty dishes.

$27, Gordon’s Fine Wines and Liquors, Waltham

Bouvet Brut Rosé Excellence, Vin Mousseux, NV

Bouvet is the leading producer of bottle-fermented sparkling wine in Saumur, France. Made mostly from Loire cabernet franc with a small proportion of groslot, this is a very gentle and refined, beautifully structured rosé. Made by short skin contact at the beginning of the first fermentation, it shows light yeastiness and fresh tangerine scents and has the tangy, lingering flavor of a red fruit compote.

$16, Winestone, Chestnut Hill Graham Beck Brut Rosé, NV

Graham Beck Brut Rosé, NV

This wine from vineyards in South Africa’s Robertson and Stellenbosch districts is composed of chardonnay and pinot noir fermented separately and then blended. It has an appealing aroma of garden herbs, stone fruit and raspberry, and a bit more toastiness than the others, having been aged for up to a year and a half on the yeast. A bit richer and fuller in fruit expression, it’s lovely with pasta or scallops.

$18, Wine Riot, Boston

Marques de Gelida Brut Reserva, Pinot Noir Cava, NV

This Catalonia sparkler comes from a parcel of head-trained vines planted on limestone clay soils. Crisp, bright and assertively dry, it has a captivating perfume of cherry and strawberry blossoms. Its direct, straightforward charm is hard to resist at the price. This wine is full enough on the palate to work well with relatively spicy fare or fried fish.

$20, The Wine Cask, Somerville

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