Strawberry Mint Flip


Price: $9

Ingredients: Strawberry- and mint-infused white rum, simple syrup, lemon juice, egg white

Taste: “It’s one of those drinks that’s gone in four minutes,” explains Bully Boy tasting room manager Alex Koblan, who says she was going for a “sweet-toothed, dessert-y kind of thing” when adding this cocktail—with a lightly torched top—to the month-old spot’s menu. But with a nod to strawberry lemonade, “It’s still nice and summery.”

Backstory: The addition of the 7-year-old distillery’s tasting room has been a year and a half in the making, leaving Koblan plenty of time to do her homework: “I spent a lot of time at the public library, a lot of time just being a nerd and reading books.” In addition to digging up old-school recipes, she’s been busy prepping housemade bitters, shrubs, tonics, grenadine and liqueurs, tapping local purveyors for other ingredients. See the dirty martini for pickle juice courtesy of the Bacon Truck and a savory cocktail using Everett-based Teddie Natural Peanut Butter.

Vibe: With a moody paint job, bold floral wallpaper and velvet and leather seating for 26 guests, you’d forget you were in a distillery if not for the prime view of the copper stills and production floor.

What’s next: The Sunday brunch crowd will soon have a new hangout, as there are plans to swap the draft cocktails for sangrias and mimosas. And the team is also playing around with large-format drinks—one served in a French press. Says Koblan, “You’d get four little teacups at your table and just get to go gangbusters on your mojitos in there.” Beyond the four walls, a cidery and a brewery are on the way to the neighborhood, making Roxbury the latest bar-hopping destination.

Bully Boy Tasting Room 44 Cedric St., Boston (617-442-6000)

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