1. GrandTen just bottled its Wire Works Rosé Gin—a less spicy, more citrusy version of its American-style iteration—that’s soaked in City Winery must. The Southie distiller shows off the pink liquor in the Sunset Slip ($10), mixed with a Luxardo cherry syrup.

2. With vodka, fresh fruit and lemon, the Strawberry Fizz ($12) at Backyard Betty’s is easy drinking. The refreshing sip with a zesty kick pairs well with cookout faves like wings or burgers, or lighter options such as grilled veggies.

3.  The Bowl Cut Blues ($13) blends mezcal, tequila and a strawberry-basil shrub. Grown specifically for the cocktail, the micro-basil garnish may be small but it packs a punch. Hopefully Tip Tap Room bartender Jack Mahoney’s botched haircut has grown out.

4. Inspired by one crazy summer in Newport, Rhode Island, Committee’s Smash ’n’ Dash ($13) features Four Roses bourbon, yellow chartreuse, ginger syrup and grapefruit juice, and is topped with mint, candied ginger and dehydrated lemon.

5.  Find the straw among a bunch of pea shoots in this Oak Long Bar + Kitchen cocktail. The Home Grown ($15) is built on tea-steeped Irish Gunpowder gin, while lemon balances the sweetness of a syrup that’s made with blanched English peas pureed with honey.

6.  Highland Fried references the classic Brooke Shields film with the bubbly-spiked Blue Lagoon ($10), a slightly sweet take on a margarita. Mermaids scale the cocktail rim, and blue curaçao’s addition gets some depth from orgeat and falernum.

7.  ArtBar’s DIY tableside Fire Tonic ($13) arrives with edible flowers and grilled grapefruit floating in tonic water. Guests pour a carafe of butterfly pea blossom-infused gin into the mixture and watch the color change before their eyes.

8.  Summer is coming at Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant. The Game of Thrones-inspired Dracarys ($11) taps neighbor Juice Box’s blend of dragon fruit, bananas, blueberries and strawberries and the fiery heat of Southie-bred Ghost Tequila.

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