Temple of Semos


Price: $22

Ingredients: Appleton Estate Reserve, Hamilton 151, Giffard crème de banana, spiced orange coconut cream, pineapple and lime juices.

Inspiration: Tiger Mama beverage director Charles Coykendall riffed on one of Tiki titan Jeff “Beachbum” Berry’s potions, the Planet of the Apes; hence, this iteration’s sci-fi-inspired name.

Taste: Like an elevated piña colada. “If you throw the word piña colada out there, who’s not going to be into that?” Coykendall says. “It’s sort of a layup at that point.” What you won’t taste? The 151. Beware, or ask for an extra straw to share.

Vessel: Making their way to Tiger Mama via Thailand, these young coconuts are hollowed out with a special tool and filled with crushed ice before the shaken concoction is poured in. On a busy night, the bar goes through a couple dozen, freezing the coconut water for use in a Thai basil syrup.

Context: Coykendall is no stranger to Tiki, having cut his teeth at Portsmouth’s Surf Sushi Bar and Woburn’s Baldwin Bar at Sichuan Garden. His favorite Tiki tipple? The Jet Pilot, one of only two classic cocktails that have made the ever-evolving menu since the restaurant’s December opening. The rest are originals like this one.

Setting: The Temple of Semos is exclusively offered at the 17-seat Tiki bar, which tends to draw the cool crowd. Prepare to be hypnotized by the golden palm trees. Oh, and lots of Hawaiian shirts.

Tiger Mama 1363 Boylston St., Boston (617-425-6262) tigermamaboston.com


Tiger Mama

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