The December 5th


Price: $12

Ingredients: Tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, roasted jalapeno and mint simple syrup

Inventor: Frank Reardon, head bartender

Taste: Not like tequila. When it comes to mixing drinks, Reardon likes to ask his customers what they enjoy: “I like when someone says, ‘I don’t like gin.’ Because then I can make a gin drink that I know for a fact that they would say they liked.” So tequila haters, fear not.

Reminiscent of: A tarter Hemingway daiquiri.
At first sip, the syrup’s sweetness comes through, but “by the time it gets to the back of your throat, the jalapeno’s going to kick in,” Reardon says. “And then when you think it’s hot, it changes again.”

Pair it with: The spicy clams and chorizo dish ($13), which mimics its balance of flavors.

Philosophy: For 25 years, Reardon has been behind the bar at cocktail institutions like Eastern Standard, the Beehive and No. 9 Park. The old-school subscriber says, “My strength is 75 percent talking; 25 percent is making up drinks for people.”

Inquire about: The scorned woman for which the cocktail club and restaurant is named. After two husbands left her for the bottle, Carrie Nation grabbed a hatchet and made it her personal mission to take down taverns serving alcohol.

Which is why: The front bar is deliberately hidden from passersby by curtains—but not as hidden as the speakeasy tucked in the back with beaded lampshades, tufted leather seating and pool tables.


Carrie Nation | 11 Beacon St., Boston | 617-227-3100 |

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