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Price: $14

Ingredients: Patron Silver, Cointreau, fresh lime, agave, pomegranate, blueberries

Taste: There’s sweetness from the triple sec and the agave nectar, which also brings a slight smokiness. And you can’t miss the Patron’s kick, along with the tartness of pomegranate juice and a touch of fruitiness from the muddled blueberries.

Inventor: John Huang, beverage director at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, which unveiled the results of a major lobby renovation in April. The Off the Common bar is completely new, with about 100 seats for off-the-street imbibers as well as hotel guests.

Pair it with: Something from executive chef Darren Anklam’s upgraded menu, such as the smoked chicken, bacon and roasted mushroom flatbread ($13).

What’s in a name: “There’s so much history; everyone that grew up here has a story to tell about the Park Plaza,” says Huang, whose own prom was held there. “We wanted to feature bits and pieces of the hotel” throughout the menu, as in this cocktail’s nod to a Back Bay neighbor and other offerings like the Ask Kennedy, a tribute to daiquiri fan and onetime guest JFK that offers a modern twist with apricot jam.

The next round: Drinkers who are normally wary of whiskey would do well to sample the Brahmin, a very approachable mix of Berkshire bourbon, muddled basil and mint, agave, lemon and charred grapefruit. “I really believe in balanced cocktails,” says Huang, who likes to gently help guests venture outside their comfort zones.

Off the Common 50 Park Plaza, Boston (617-457-1850)

Off the Common

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