Q: Should You Clarify Hair?

A: We believe clarifying the hair helps maintain vitality in your hair. We recommend that all guests, not just those having color, clarify their hair at least once a week at home, to help keep hair clean and healthy removing product build up and environmental pollution. We clarify every guest before color, as it gives us a clean canvas to work on. Clarifying hair assures better, truer color results! Blondes stay sharper, reds last longer and brunettes appear brighter after using a clarifying shampoo.

In 2015, we created the Eva Michelle Clarifying Shampoo, a gentle, paraben free, low pH formula that is uniquely designed to protect hair from environmental exposure and stress, while ridding it of impurities such as unwanted metallic ions, pollution, dirt, grease and grime, that can build up on hair.

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