Dumped ahead of Valentine’s Day? Before queuing up La La Land and diving head-first into a box of Blackbird Doughnuts, read these rules from Boston-based psychiatrist Jessica Griffin—featured expert on Lifetime’s current season of Married at First Sight and co-host of Seven Year Switch

Focus on your brain. Take a meditation course or download an app—my personal favorites are Headspace and Calm. Neuroscience research suggests 10 minutes of meditation can “retrain your brain” to feel happier.

Avoid social media. Delete apps from your phone so you aren’t tempted to peruse snaps, posts and tweets in times of desperation or yearning or stupidity.

Rally your squad. Often in relationships, we prioritize our partners and connect less with family and friends. The largest buffer for stressful life events is social support. Prioritize those connections.

Do not text, call, email, drive by, stalk or attempt to contact your ex by any means. If you really want to reach out and believe it’s critical to your well-being to do so, wait until Feb. 15, when the candy hearts are half-priced.

Date yourself. Buy yourself a Valentine’s Day gift and create new rituals. Whether it’s a daily cup of tea, yoga practice or an audiobook in the car, treat these as opportunities to connect with your new lover—you. 

Pay attention to the way you treat your body. With adequate sleep, healthy food and exercise, you can decrease depression symptoms by 30 to 40 percent.

When all else fails: Get a dog.

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