A few years ago, treadmill studios started opening across Boston, setting the pace ahead of your gym’s lonely few machines. But now Equinox aims to stride ahead of that pack with its new Precision Running Lab in Chestnut Hill. The location is the fitness chain’s second lab in the country and its semi-private classes will include colored light cues that pair with an instrumental music playlist and change colors based on your run—red when you’re striving for top intensity and blue when you’re cooling down. The lab also features an oxygen vaporizer that aims to reduce nitrogen and freshen the air, but one of the biggest draws is the actual running machines. The touch-screen Woodway treadmills are connected to your online profile and can recall your last three speeds and inclines, allowing for smoother interval transitions during a run. With 60-minute classes open to the public ($30) as well as some members-only sessions, you might need to sprint to get a spot.

Song picks from the lab’s Chestnut Hill studio manager:


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