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Don’t expect to find bread and milk at Coolidge Corner’s new Boston General Store. Instead, owner April Gabriel has stocked the spot with quality artisanal goods inspired by the childhood summers she spent in the Berkshires with her grandmother. Gabriel, a former architect, first established the business in 2013 as an e-commerce company operated out of her Southie apartment; then she started selling at SoWa and, last month, opened the brick-and-mortar shop, complete with resident dog Olive. While the products do include candles, stationery and handcrafted bitters, most of the stock is built to last. Take cake pans with a lifetime warranty, enamel coffee pots, salvaged-wood serving boards and the same Ohio Stoneware mixing bowl set her grandmother used to own. “Now it’s in my mom’s kitchen, and then it’s going to be in my kitchen, and hopefully my kids’ after that,” Gabriel says. “My goal was to find products that people could buy and have forever and pass down to their family.”

Boston General Store 305 Harvard St., Brookline (617-232-0103)

Boston General Store

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