Get Lit

Strike it hot with these matchstick holders.

Clockwise from top

Flatsawn zebrawood matchbox, $99 at Hudson

Liqueur Malette match strike, $28 at Patch NYC

Walnut matchbox, $49 at Hudson

Striped match striker, $42 at Olives & Grace

Lassen matchbox cover, $30 each at Ouimillie

Volcano matchstick jar, $22 at Salt & Grove


Where to Buy It
Hudson, 12 Union Park St., Boston (617-292-0303); Olives & Grace, 623 Tremont St., Boston (617-236-4536); Ouimillie, 133-135 Charles St., Boston (617-982-7962); Patch NYC, The Courtyard at 46 Waltham St., Boston (617-426-0592); Salt & Grove, 7 Prince Place, Newburyport (978-225-0240)

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