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The Boston Marathon always brings a bevy of new releases, from sneakers to limited-edition beers. But this year, we’re also getting two fresh takes on the storied race itself: Tom Derderian’s Boston Marathon book is an update of his 1996 edition with more than 200 new pages that detail the stories and results from every race, while filmmaker Jon Dunham’s documentary BOSTON traces the marathon’s history from its start till the 2014 race. Here’s a rundown of both projects.


Boston Marathon: 864 pages
BOSTON: 114 minutes

Marathon bona fides:

Boston Marathon: Winthrop resident Derderian set his personal marathon best with a sub 2:20 time at the 1975 Boston Marathon.
BOSTON: Dunham has finished 25 marathons.

Star power:

Boston Marathon: Marathon legends such as Joan Benoit Samuelson, Bill Rodgers and Shalane Flanagan provided forewords for the book.
BOSTON: Matt Damon lends his voice as the documentary’s narrator, while Emmy winner Jeff Beal (House of Cards) provides the original score.

Where to find it:

Boston Marathon: On bookshelves and available as an e-book now.
BOSTON: It’ll be shown in more than 450 theaters nationwide on April 19, but first, the Boch Wang Theatre is hosting an April 15 world premiere accompanied by a live performance of the score from the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra, with a portion of proceeds going to build Martin’s Park.

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