How’s that resolution about eating better and working out more going? Yeah, we’re sure you’re really going to nail it this time. But if you need a little help, there are three Boston nutrition companies that made waves in 2017 and will help keep you on course throughout 2018. Put down the pre-workout powders and artificially sweetened snacks and prepare to rev up, refuel and recover with these all-natural supplements.  

Rev up with WarmUp High-Protein Coffee

Before his instant-coffee-meets-protein supplement hit Amazon two months ago, James Testa had a rough entry into the nutrition industry. While recouping from a motorcycle accident, he was percolating on ways to up his protein intake and boost his energy before workouts. WarmUp High-Protein Coffee does both with powdered espresso and 15 grams of whey protein per serving. “It’s the only protein powder currently in my space that’s not using any types of artificial ingredients or sweeteners,” Testa says. Since it tastes like a cup of black coffee instead of a dairy-heavy shake, add it to a mug of hot water for a protein-packed morning Joe.

What’s the buzz:
For pre-workout energy, add 1 scoop to 10 ounces of cold water, stir and enjoy about 15 minutes before your gym sesh

$28 per 1-pound package //

See below for James Testa’s cinnamon latte recipe with WarmUp High-Protein Coffee

Refuel with IQ Bars

Will Nitze, who launched the nutrition company IQ Bar in October after studying neuroscience and psychology at Harvard, knows that wolfing down a sugar-bomb granola bar when the 3 pm snack monster growls is a surefire way to summon a mental crash. “IQ Bars are the first and only nutrition bars optimized for the brain,” Nitze says. “Whereas 99 percent of bars are high-carb and low-fat, IQ Bars are low in net carbs, high in healthy fats, and packed with five brain-critical nutrients.” Choose between almond cacao, blueberry walnut or matcha hazelnut flavors on the company’s website.

Meet your matcha:
“I centered one bar on matcha and hazelnuts because they are incredibly rich in flavonoids and vitamin E respectively, two compounds shown to benefit the brain.”

$3 each/$32 for a 12-pack //

Recover with Tart Cherry

Cam Fischer and Alfred Schofield, the founders of plant-based nutrition company VitalFit, want to help you focus on recovery. As Fischer was healing from a back injury, he switched from stomach-torching ibuprofen to tart cherry juice since the polyphenol-powerhouse fruit is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. The downside? The juice’s caloric content. That’s why the Tart Cherry capsules—which the company introduced in April and says will help boost recovery and reduce muscle soreness—contain extract made from dehydrated cherry skins. Says Fischer, “The skins are not only the most nutrient-dense part of the fruit, they’re sugar and calorie free.” 

“We source our tart cherries from a sustainable, grower-owned co-op in Northern Michigan, where they’re grown, picked and dehydrated.”

$45 for a 60-serving jar //

James Testa’s Cinnamon Protein Latte

James Testa, founder of WarmUp Nutrition and the all-in-one protein and coffee supplement WarmUp High-Protein Coffee, is usually on the go with some black coffee in hand. But when he has time to sit and relax, he whips up a latte using his WarmUp High-Protein Coffee.

Consider swapping out a sugary latte for this mug of cinnamon goodness to spare yourself that mid-morning sugar crash.


1 scoop WarmUp High-Protein Coffee
1 cup warm skim or almond milk
1 tablespoon honey
Dash cinnamon

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