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Every day is different for Proday founder and CEO Sarah Kunst


Every day is different for Proday founder and CEO Sarah Kunst. In 2015, she made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and in the same year launched her own sports media company with investors ranging from the Los Angeles Dodgers to Draft Kings CEO Jason Robins. Kunst is a featured speaker at this year’s Forbes Under 30 Summit, which returns to Boston for a second year on Oct. 1-4. We caught up with Kunst, who shared more about life as a founder and CEO, her experience as a woman in the tech startup world and why she’s excited about coming to Boston.

What’s the mission of your company Proday? Is being an entrepreneur something you’ve always considered? Proday is a sports media company that shows what athletes do off the court. We cover their fitness, nutrition, style, culture and politics. I worked in
digital media and as an investor for years before launching Proday and I love being an entrepreneur.

For the past two years you’ve worked as a founder and CEO, and prior to that you were a venture capitalist. How has your day to day changed in that time? Being a founder means every day is different. I’m a bit like a firefighter, solving whatever emergency or opportunity is thrown my way. But I set daily, weekly and monthly goals to stay on track and grow the company. Being a VC means you spend most of your time helping people and connecting them. Being a founder means your sleeves are rolled up and you’re working a lot more on a really wide variety of things, but it’s so rewarding.

What do you plan to address at the Forbes Under 30 Summit? I’m excited to speak several times at the summit about the importance of empathy in tech and what it’s like for women in tech. These topics are hot-button in the industry, and I’m glad to be able to contribute.

What’s been your experience as a woman in the tech startup space and how does it play into your role now as a founder and CEO? Women running companies and investing means more money and higher returns, period. I’m excited to be a woman in tech because despite the challenges, I know that my company will be more successful because diversity drives returns.

Any plans to engage with Boston’s tech community and entrepreneurs while you’re here? I’m excited to meet more people from Boston at the summit and I’m a big fan of Boston tech. Jason Robins, CEO of Draft Kings, is an investor in my company, and I really admire the Boston startup community.

Any plans to incorporate more Boston professional athletes to the app and your coverage? We write a lot about Boston athletes and teams and will continue to do so. It’s one of the most loyal fan bases in the country [and has] some of the most amazing athletes. We also talk about the challenges many athletes have faced with racism in the Boston community and how they’ve worked to change the culture.

Forbes Under 30 is in part about looking ahead to the future. In your ideal future, what do you see? I see more opportunities for women and minorities to fund, start and scale companies and organizations that will be the future of our world.

Sarah Kunst, founder and CEO of Proday, will be speaking at the Forbes Under 30 Summit from Oct. 1 through 4 in Boston. 

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