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Jessica Knez has been stocking her buzzy Back Bay boutique, All Too Human, with fashions from designers like Dries Van Noten, Mira Mikati and Raf Simons since the store’s June opening, but her latest arrival isn’t for sale. That’s because this statement piece is a permanent art installation created by New York artist Daniel Arsham, who reimagined a Boston Celtics jacket as a crumbling relic that looks like it was pulled from a latter-day Pompei. “I’m thinking about a kind of fictional archaeology—an archaeology at some point in the distant future that reimagines the things from our everyday lives as if they had sort of been uncovered on this future archaeology site,” says Arsham, who is color blind and rendered the jacket in a trademark monochrome gray. This isn’t the only artwork commissioned for the shop by Knez, a Tufts alum who cut her teeth as a buyer at Lord & Taylor and Bergdorf Goodman and aims to make All Too Human a home for contemporary art and events as well as fashion. She’s also stocking Arsham’s limited-edition apparel project, which is likewise inspired by his fascination with archaeology—but made with materials that should be a bit more wearable than solid cyclonite.


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