In Good Pun


For groupies who are tired of overpriced selections at the band’s merch table, new Boston-based brand Pun Pantry is serving a witty alternative. Dishing out T-shirts, sweatshirts and other wares adorned with music-meets-food mashups, such as “The Notorious BLT” and “Radiobread,” Pun Pantry is trying to sell a “good laugh and a smile,” says co-creator Patrick Lindquist. The first pun—the Chicken KeBob Dylan—came about after a meal shared by Lindquist and fellow co-creator Vinny Prezioso at Felipe’s Taqueria in Harvard Square. The pair stewed over their ideas for a year before illustrator Nick Nazzaro came along and added crisp designs to the ripe puns. They launched the brand through online marketplace Redbubble back in October, and the team has since hawked their wares at local markets, including the SoWa Open Market and Boston Hassle’s Black Market. “Selling our shirts on our own now has been a big help, because it’s easier to talk with customers and make it more personal than shopping online,” Prezioso explains. And the guys behind Pun Pantry don’t want to stop at T-shirts. They’ve developed recipes based on their puns (“Rolling Scones” for breakfast and “Wu-Tang Clam Chowder” for lunch), and they hope to publish a cookbook to pair with the main course. / Andrew Elmers

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