Inside Track


Tracksmith is off to a running start in its first year. The Wellesley-based brand debuted last July with men’s shirts, shorts and singlets, and now it’s adding styles for female runners. “It’s one of the few sports that has about a 50/50 gender split,” says CEO Matt Taylor, “so we always had planned on having a women’s collection.” The color palette mirrors the men’s—no pink here—though the team took extra time to figure out necklines, armholes and overall fit. Next month, Taylor says they’ll add sports bras and tights, but for now check out the Massachusetts-made Grayboy tank. It uses Tracksmith’s signature Varsity Cotton blend, which Taylor made with Canton’s 159-year-old Draper Knitting after foraging eBay and friends’ closets for tees and inspiration. Grab a limited edition with “Track” hand lettering, a nod to the memorable 1967 Boston Marathon moment when race director John “Jock” Semple nearly tackled trailblazer Kathrine Switzer.

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