Talk about trending—with her winning Instagram shot of the Marimekko shop on Newbury Street, Boston blogger Katherine Tabinowski of Style Tab earned an August trip to the fashion and textile brand’s Helsinki headquarters, where she joined four other contest winners from across the globe. Recap posts are planned, but Tabinowski gave us a sneak preview and shared her style selects for fall.


Marimekko has a huge history; they started in the ’50s, so they had a ton of pieces from their archives on display—we had to wear gloves if we wanted to touch them. They’re museum pieces, basically, now. And some of the designers were on hand to kind of talk about their process and how they create a collection from start to finish, and that was really cool. … I feel like a lot of people see fashion as a very cosmetic thing—you know, everyone just wears clothes to look good—but I like the stories behind pieces, behind different brands.

I am a huge fan of the ’70s boho trend that’s going on right now. … Then I’m also seeing a lot of the boyish oversized silhouettes. … I saw a lot of gothic designs on the runways and darker color palettes, darker textures…so definitely more of the darker colors with a darker lip too.

 I think those fur mules are so cool, but I could never wear those, especially in Boston. They would get destroyed.

 Last winter I didn’t buy a new winter coat. I just had a peacoat all winter, which was crazy. I’m never going to do that again, but I had that because I wear a lot of layers. I’m all about the scarves and the hat and the gloves and making sure you’re wearing a cool button-down top under a sweater. I just think [layering] is the best way to stay warm in the winter while still looking cute.

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