It’s All Good



Bert and John Jacobs know a thing or two about the power of positive thinking. The brothers and cofounders of the Life is Good apparel brand started out with an old van, 78 bucks and a dream—and, more than two decades later, now sit at the helm of a $100 million company. They just released their new tome LIFE IS GOOD: The Book—How to Live with Purpose and Enjoy the Ride, which chronicles their path to success and offers tips for living your best life. To test their optimism, we tasked the bros with putting a positive spin on some less-than-good scenarios.

You thank fellow commuters for being part of the first ever ultra-casual Tuesday, which sweeps the nation as a fundraising and fun-raising craze.

You never saw the email because you refuse to be chained to an inbox. Your obliviousness is mistaken for unflappable confidence, which wins back the favor of your mate.

You drink gallons of fresh coconut water and then spell “Good” with the leftover shells. Passing airplanes stop to focus on the Good. Visitors help grow the Good, and then Dustin Pedroia signs on to endorse your coconut water. Fueled by electrolytes and optimism, Pedey powers the Sox back to prominence in 2016… are we off topic?

You applaud their commitment to quality time with their grandkids and book to the mountains of Vermont with your spouse.

You speak broken alien but are able to highlight several of the unique wonders of Planet Three: music, mountains, water, wiffle ball, cold beer, etc. Your abductors are intrigued enough to return you to Earth in time for March Madness.

You select a cross between Anchorman and Iron Man.

You advise the zombies that in recent years they’ve achieved popularity disproportionate to their contributions to … [at this point, most of your brain gets eaten]. Frontal cortex of brain reduced, you resolve to think less and live more. Your dog paw-bumps you knowingly.

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