Knit Wit


Oh shit: Winter is almost here! Not to worry: Christina Fagan has you—and your noggin’—covered with her line of high-end knitwear, Shit That I Knit. The 26-year-old entrepreneur and self-described “weirdo” amassed a team of talented knitters in their 20s and 30s from across New England. “They all have really cool day jobs and knit on their way to work, while getting pedicures or even at a bar or a party. Knitting, like many other hobbies, is a creative expression,” Fagan says. Now her crew crafts beanies, scarves and sweaters from wool “sheared off cute li’l free-range sheep in Peru, then hand-dyed in small batches.” In October, Fagan surpassed a Kickstarter goal of $25,000, which she plans to use to expand Shit That I Knit’s brand by renting studio space and hiring a professional photographer to better showcase their luxe knits. That quality will cost you: Hats run from $148 to $199, but, hey, how do you put a price on cozy?

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