Macabre Mart


Fatigued by stale Valentine’s Day shopping? Skip the heart-shaped box of chocolates and buy your beloved a monkey skull, sheep eyeballs or a framed fetal pig when Cambridge tattoo shop Eridanos transforms into the Love Sucks Oddity Market on Feb. 13. The pop-up features remains of animals that died of natural causes adorned with flowers, feathers and crystals by Jennifer Simone and Jamie Flanagan of local e-shop Bad Moon Consignment, along with medical instruments and religious art from Jose Chavez of Worcester’s Our Lady of Reclamation. “What may disgust or frighten someone is what fascinates me,” Chavez says. “Some people collect teaspoons. I collect and sell photos of dead people, last-rites kits and animal organs.” Speaking of which, there are still plenty of hearts—they’re just floating in jars.

Love Sucks Oddity Market is on Feb. 13 at Eridanos, 36 Prospect St., Cambridge (617-945-9656)

Love Sucks Oddity Market

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