Psychologist, author and Cape Cod Community College adjunct professor Sherianna Boyle wanted to spread the word after the purchase of a Buddhist statue prompted her to research the power of mantras. So she penned Mantras Made Easy: Mantras for Happiness, Peace, Prosperity and More, a how-to guide released Jan. 18 that features 200 mantras and explanations, as well as a history of the 3,000-year-old practice. She gave us a lesson on Om 101.

What are your tips for a mantra beginner? The main thing is just to give yourself time. I think people rush it; I think they flip-flop. They go from one mantra to the next mantra, and I think the main thing that I learned in the research is that it’s really about developing a relationship with the mantra. … You’re going to spend at least 40 days with it, ideally.

How do you select a mantra? Just relax and trust the process and trust the vibration and trust your soul. Your heart is going to draw you to exactly what you need. Even if you’re thinking, “Well, I’m drawn to the relationship thing, but I really want more money,” you need to go to the relationship thing because it could be a relationship that’s interfering with the flow of money. As you’re thumbing through [the book], I would just pick what feels right because your body is going to know automatically. Your heart knows what you need.

You have 200 mantras in the book—are there any that really stand out for you? I think the one that I most often see people resonating with, as far as myself, my clients, people in general, is the mantra “I am safe.” I think that a lot of what our imbalances are is just this fear of not feeling safe, and uncertainty. “I am safe” will help anchor you, will give you your footing.

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