Allison Daroie, the founder of clothing line Paridaez, carved out her own slice of paradise near the Common last month with the opening of her new store. “With the etymological background of the brand name being an ancient Persian word for garden or walled enclosure, I’m trying to make the store more of a garden-like setting,” Daroie says of the 630-square-foot space, which features a lush plant-filled wall and her clothing neatly lined on racks. Each of her minimalistic pieces can transform into different articles of clothing, like the Albatross, which can be worn as a pencil skirt, a dress or a tank top. Daroie hopes that the spot will be an oasis for women looking to escape the city’s busy streets, where they’ll find multi-purpose items to carry them through their jam-packed days.


Paridaez 127 Charles St., Boston (617-835-5396)


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