Pinup Girl

Don’t hold back on bold hair accessories—which, unlike run-of-the-mill bobby pins, are cute enough not to misplace.


Little jar of bobbies (top and second from bottom), $10 at Francesca’s

Rhinestone bobby pin, $5 for three at CVS

Kitsch teardrop bobby pin, $18 for three at LIT Boutique

Feather hair clip, $6 for four at H&M

Where to buy it?

CVS 240 Newbury St., Boston (617-236-4007); Francesca’s 201 Newbury St., Boston (617-266-0103); H&M 100 Newbury St., Boston (855-466-7467); LIT Boutique 223 Newbury St., Boston (617-421-8637)

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