Pumped-Up Kicks

PUMA, which has its North American HQ in Westford, recently made headlines by appointing Rihanna as its creative director. But RiRi’s gig is hardly the only news afoot. Greater Boston is a home base for a bevy of sneaker brands. Check out what’s kicking with these local companies.

HQ: North Andover

Famous Fans: Dwyane Wade, Billie Joe Armstrong, Common and M.I.A.

Shoe that put them on the map: The Chuck Taylor All-Star (1917)

2015 plans: Converse will open its new world headquarters at Lovejoy Wharf this spring. Keep an eye out for the chic digs next time you’re heading south on the Zakim.



Famous Fans: Dustin Pedroia and Harley Pasternak

Shoe that put them on the map: The Trackster (1960)

2015 plans: New Balance is moving to its new corporate headquarters at Boston Landing in September. Plus, look for an update early this year to its Fresh Foam sneaker collection.


HQ: Canton

Famous Fans: Aly Raisman, Ronda Rousey, Kendrick Lamar and Alicia Keys

Shoe that put them on the map: The Original Pump (1989)

2015 plans: Reebok is primed to build off its year-end announcement of a partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship and some of its stars.



Famous Fans: Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, Ben True and Linsey Corbin

Shoe that put them on the map: The Jazz (1981)

2015 plans: Saucony will combine two innovations, ISOFIT (a sleeve for your foot that’s sewn in the sneaker) and PWRGRID+(enhanced cushioning) in its Triumph, Hurricane and Zealot sneakers.

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