Rain Checks

With an eye-catching umbrella, you might even look forward to having spring showers rain on your parade.


Duck umbrella, $25 at Shine
Siirtolapuutarha mini manual umbrella, $50 at Marimekko
Clear Skies mini umbrella, $30 at the MFA Shop
Drowning Girl umbrella, $40 at the ICA Store
ISGM umbrella, $35 at Gift at the Gardner

Where to buy it?
Gift at the Gardner, 25 Evans Way, Boston (617-278-5122) gift.gardnermuseum.org; The ICA Store, 25 Harbor Shore Drive, Boston (617-478-3104) icastore.org; Marimekko, 140 Newbury St., Boston (617-247-2500) marimekko.com; The MFA Shop, 465 Huntington Ave., Boston (617-369-3575) mfashop.com; Shine, 106 Prospect St., Cambridge (617-661-5889) shinecambridge.com

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