Scents of Purpose


Some might call me a skeptic, even a cynic. I’d say I’m a realist. Once, at more gullible—ahem, open-minded—friends’ behest, I visited a psychic who told me I had the filthiest aura she’d ever seen and offered to clean it, for a fee. I politely declined. So, I had some preconceptions when I entered Cambridge’s recently revamped Pyara Spa & Salon—a flagship of the Ayurveda-inspired Aveda brand—to embark on a Pure-Fume Sensory Journey, in which a trained salon pro would create a personal aroma meant to help cure what ails me, spiritually speaking. It included tarot-like cards representing the seven chakras (it turns out my Third Eye could use glasses), a stress-and-energy assessment and a blind scent test, conducted by massage therapist Kristina Pirroni. We settled on a spicy, earthy scent with hints of orange and geranium, which she bottled for me. (Scents can be incorporated in a massage or used in bath salts, fragrance or lotion.) Am I more spiritually balanced? Only time will tell—but I definitely smell a little fresher.

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