Seaworthy Wares


When Dave Bruenner left his banking job to pursue boat building at Kennebunkport’s Landing School, friends and family were skeptical, but he felt driven to pursue his passion. “I just loved building that tangible piece of art,” Bruenner says. He began to work at Boston BoatWorks, which builds fiberglass yachts, but missed crafting wooden boats by hand. “I was living in an apartment at the time, so I couldn’t really be building boats,” he laughs. Instead, he found himself tinkering with nautical materials like oarlocks and sailboat shackles, which helped inspire Jack Iron, his new line of belts, key fobs, wallets and dog leashes founded with buddy Chris Schmidt. Named after a small boat Bruenner’s grandfather owned, the Lincoln-based company exceeded its $20,000 Kickstarter goal last month. Leather goods start shipping in June, and handbags and totes may be on the horizon.


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