Krissy Price is a woman of many talents. As the owner of Roslindale’s Pollen Floral Design, she’s known for creating breathtaking visuals (including pop-up “flower bombs” you may have spied at transit stops and other public places). But it’s music that brought her to Boston. “I actually came for grad school at Boston Conservatory,” says Price, who sings, plays piano, cello and ukulele and still occasionally teaches private lessons. She started dabbling in floral design when her students departed for the summer. “I was trying to find something to do creatively that was different but could supplement that income,” she explains. “And then the side gig became the main gig.”

Thirty thousand-plus Instagram followers later, that gig takes her around the world for destination weddings and allows for a fair amount of creative freedom. “I have clients who are coming to me because they’ve followed me for years and they’re open to any ideas that I have. So it’s been cool to be able to do lots of different things because people trust you.” Like, say transforming rings from whiskey barrels into a floral backdrop for the ceremony of a recent bride who works at Bully Boy Distillers.

But color is usually her starting point, and that was definitely the case for this display inspired by Sleeping Beauty—specifically the scene in the Disney classic where the feuding fairy godmothers are fashioning a gown for Aurora. “It’s like ‘Pink!’ ‘No, blue!’ ‘Pink!’ ‘No, blue!’ and they keep changing it back and forth,” she says. “I wanted to do something fun and very different from what I usually get to make.”

Sleeping Beauty

by Pollen Floral Design

1. “These are phalaenopsis orchids that I spray-painted blush and baby blue.”

2. “For tropical leaves, I had some dried monstera at my house. I have several different plants, so when a leaf starts to wither, I chop it and let it dry and have them around for decor or to use in bouquets.”

3. “I also spray-painted some ranunculus and dahlias.”

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