Stephen Colbert named as Letterman replacement

Colbert will host "The Late Show" when David Letterman retires


Well, it looks like Suey Park, “Twitter activist” and human who doesn’t understand satire (or deliberately misunderstands satire in order to further her “Twitter activism” agenda) has gotten her way. Colbert has been canceled. In a manner of speaking.

A couple of weeks ago Park started the hashtag #CancelCobert in response to a joke taken from The Colbert Report, and tweeted by Comedy Central, that she deemed racist. And, sure, if taken out of the context of The Colbert Report, it sure was. But, um, as I assumed the entirety of the free world knew, The Colbert Report deals in satire (which is a fancy way of saying “jokes used to make fun of bad things by pretending to be that bad thing.” Bad things like, you know, racism). Anyway, Park and her legions of Twitter followers failed to get the joke and called for the cancellation of Colbert.

And now it looks like it’s going to happen. Well, sort of.

It was announced today that Stephen Colbert will be stepping in to fill the much buzzed-about vacancy on The Late Show when David Letterman retires. As of yet, no date has been set for the passing of this lofty baton, or the #cancellation of The Colbert Report, but Colbert had this to say about the big announcement:

“I’m thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth.”

No word yet if any Twitter crusaders for the fair and ethical treatment of the dentally challenged have taken up Internet arms about this latest statement, which should definitely be taken completely seriously.

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