Swiss Kicks


Smart Swiss design doesn’t stop at Swatches and pocketknives. Consider these sneakers designed by Thilo Alex Brunner for Swiss shoe brand On, on view as part of Excellent Swiss Design, an exhibit running from Sept. 10 through Nov. 22 at MassArt’s Sandra and David Bakalar Gallery.

“The On sneaker not only looks great but is extremely pioneering,” says Lisa Tung, MassArt’s director of curatorial programs. “It has a patented hollow-core sole that allows the runner to have a soft landing yet enables a hard ‘push off.’” Like the rest of the featured designs, the sneaks are a selection from the Design Prize Switzerland, which gives props to innovations in fashion, interior design and other creative fields—so expect to see everything from compostable furniture to E-Broidery textiles embedded with LEDs and solar cells. Says Tung: “One could imagine some great Halloween costumes made out of it!”

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