Joe Budzienski is an avid catch-and-release fly fisherman. So it only makes sense that his latest venture, ThreeMain, was created in part to cut down on the plastic pollution that’s overwhelming the world’s oceans. The new Boston-based company ditches plastic cleaning bottles for reusable aluminum ones, while also partnering with nonprofit Rozalia Project to clean up waste in the ocean. Its main service for annual subscribers delivers three reusable bottles filled with nontoxic cleaning solutions: multi-surface cleaner, liquid dish soap and bathroom cleaner. Customers also get refill pouches and six plant-based sponges in that initial home delivery. Every three months, a new package arrives with more refills, sponges and a prepaid envelope to recycle the refill pouches through ThreeMain’s zero-waste program.

“The aluminum bottles, coupled with our refillable, recyclable pouches contain 80 percent less plastic than traditional household cleaners,” Budzienski says. “We initially started out using recycled ocean plastic for our bottles. When we thought about the amount of oil and new plastic development it would take to get to those, we decided to limit plastic production and usage as much as possible. Shortly after, our reusable aluminum bottle was born.”

ThreeMain offers quarterly and annual subscriptions ($225/year), and it’s hoping the eco-friendly approach will attract consumers that might be wary of the extra packaging that’s become ubiquitous in the current era of doorstep delivery. Says Budzienski: “I guess it’s tough because nobody has done it—although some larger corporations are moving toward it. But solving this two-part problem won’t be easy. We are up for it, though.”



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