Owners of vintage and consignment shops across Boston have their own taste—often far removed from runway styles. We tapped a few of them to update a favorite old photo with something they might wear today. The results were picture perfect.

Hanadi Hamzeh, Covet

After leaving behind a gig at Mass. General Hospital, Hanadi Hamzeh opened her South Boston consignment shop Covet in 2013. She’s since relocated to bigger digs at 391 W. Broadway, packed with even more inventory from brands such as Chloe, Isabel Marant and Diane von Furstenberg. When it comes to filling her own closet (including the items here), Hanadi says, “Other than white crewneck tees, almost everything I own I get from Covet or other consignment shops.” Some extra good news for bargain hunters: “I’m currently scouting spots for a second location.”

“This outfit is from around 1990, when I was about 3 or 4. I believe it’s from Limited Too—that was clearly the beginning of my love for crop tops. I wish I could see what shoes my mom put on me!”

• “I tried to update the look and take a more mature spin on it. My initial thought was to replace the headband with a neck scarf because the headband looked a little too cutesy for me. But I decided a hat felt more ‘now.’  This one is handmade—I recently purchased it on a trip to Cape Town.”

• “This ASOS top was actually an off-the-shoulder one similar to the photo. Though that style is ‘in,’ it felt a little too trendy and I didn’t want to translate the outfit too literally, soI cut off the sleevesto make it strapless, which I thought was more fun.”

• “I tied this scarf around my wrist to add some color to the outfit. It’s from Moschino, but it’s a very Versace print.”

•  “A crop top and shorts is a little too much skin for a 31-year-old. I love high-wasted everything, so I went with this cropped wide leg by DL 1961, which I think is a fresh take on jeans for summer.”

Hthaiwon Layne & Kate Marx, Swift & Faire

Hthaiwon Layne and Kate Marx first met a decade ago while working at a digital agency in Boston, but they bonded over something far more analog: vintage clothing. The pair soon started a vintage clothing business, Swift & Faire, which is just one of the vendors inside their new multi-vendor collective. Opened in 2017 and recently relocated to West Broadway in Southie, Recollective Vintage features men’s and women’s threads as well as home furnishings. “Everything is vintage, not thrift or consignment,” says Marx, who along with Layne still works at a digital agency during the day. “This is shoe money,” cracks Layne. Well, vintage shoe money.

The pair’s first pop-up for Swift & Faire was at T.T. the Bear’s Rockin’ Holiday Flea Market in this 2010 photo. “The pop-up’s now at ONCE in Somerville,” Marx says. “We’ve kind of grown up a little bit since then, but we still participate because it’s a fun event.” Here, Layne and Marx are both rocking their signature styles. With a minimalist feel, Layne wears a ’70s denim pearl-snap shirt with ’80s black suede booties and a ’50s rhinestone necklace. Marx shows off her Boho-glam look with an ’80s off-the-shoulder sequin-embellished top and ’70s Cuban booties.

• Preferring natural fibers, Layne opts for this chambray denim shirt and a pair of vintage Levi’s.

• This ’80s peacock-inspired sequin jacket is Marx’s go-to cape for concerts—when she can really spice things up. “I’m keeping it glam on the streets of Boston,” she says with a smile.

• It was true then and it’s true now: Black skinny jeans are a staple in Marx’s closet.

• These ’80s patent mules can be dressed up or dressed down and keep in line with Layne’s minimalist taste.

Eric Marcelino, Luxury Resale Network

Eric Marcelino has always had an eye for high fashion and he’s been putting that wisdom to work since he founded the online consignment boutique Luxury Resale Network with his sister Andrea in 2013. Headquartered in Boston, the business taps into buyers across the world and boasts faster sales and higher prices for your product because of the website’s wider reach. But it’s not all business for Marcelino, who always aims to mix his sense of humor with his sense of fashion.

“I used to throw dance parties and wear allover print everything and just looked obnoxious as fuck,” Marcelino says of this photo, which features him in a glittery silver metallic Dolce & Gabbana sweater.

• Inspired by the vintage scarf in the photo, Marcelino chooses this Gucci scarf that says “Love is blind” in Italian.

• Marcelino infuses the new outfit with a modern streetwear vibe, from a Supreme hat to these custom print joggers from RageOn.com.

• Never one to shy away from color, Marcelino picks this pair of custom print Nikes to add a punch of cobalt.

Stefanie Johnson, SwapIt

Stefanie Johnsonco-founder of SwapIt—is always helping customers reinvent their style, refreshing women’s closets with updated items. Soon after launching the online SwapIt service, she opened the secondhand storefront this spring in Davis Square, offering racks of clothes and a personal stylist for shoppers who can swap out pieces they don’t want anymore. But don’t worry if you’re averse to visiting the store—Johnson and team will still be making house calls.

Johnson opted to recreate an outfit from an event honoring her grandfather in the early ’90s. “Growing up, I struggled heavily with my look and wanted to do something about it,” she says. “So I created my own way to up my style game.”

• This jean jacket updates Johnson’s favorite ’90s jean vest, which also featured a black velvet trim.

• Johnson adds this striped sweater over the dress to provide a classic touch to the outfit.

• Johnson swaps out the floral print skirt for this geometric pattern dress given to her by her late father.   

Marianna Pease, Oona’s

Nestled in a Harvard Square courtyard, Oona’s Vintage and Modern has served as a wonderland of candy-colored garments and playful accessories for more than 45 years. A longtime vintage clothing collector, Marianna Pease took over the store’s operations in 2016 and has filled it with fun dresses and accessories such as gloves, sunglasses and hats.

“I like to wear something classic with a pop,” says Pease, who shows off a photo from an art museum visit. “My personal style is definitely everything to the max.”

• Pease picks this crimson blazer to add a little vibrancy to a classic ensemble.

• This ’50s velvet-lined clutch is meant to mix elegance—and a touch of sparkle—with practicality. Bonus: It’s got enough space to hold an iPhone.

• These black wide-leg pants are a staple piece for Pease.


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