This billion-dollar Canadian tech startup is hiring in Boston


Is Boston the new Silicon Valley?

Already on track to take over New York in the tech startup scene, Boston is home to some of the best and brightest minds in the world. The city boasts graduates from colleges and universities like Harvard and MIT, provides access to world-class resources and is home to an abundance of movers and shakers who make it all happen. With investors eager to support cutting-edge ideas and a community of creative minds, it’s no surprise Boston has risen to the top of technological innovation.

One of the many tech companies drawn to Boston is Avigilon. The Motorola Solutions company is a Canadian global security startup on a major growth streak. Beyond being a leader in the world of artificial intelligence, Avigilon’s valuation was pegged at $1 billion when Motorola acquired the startup earlier this year.

What does Avigilon do?

Avigilon designs, develops, and manufactures advanced AI and video analytics solutions, cloud technology, network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras and access control systems for the global security market. The company combines the latest breakthroughs in security, surveillance and machine learning with a mandate to help keep communities safe—whether it be a popular landmark or the places people live and work. What’s more, their solutions have been installed at thousands of customer sites in 120 countries, including health care and financial institutions, school campuses, critical infrastructure and airports.

Here’s some good news: Avigilon is on a huge hiring spree right now. The company is excited to grow its diverse roster of homegrown talent in a range of positions, with an emphasis on deep learning, cloud and AI technologies. Its recent recruitment efforts have been dedicated to building upon the innovation and burgeoning talent within Boston’s thriving tech hub.

And unlike some of the other tech heavyweights, Avigilon supports talent growth through collaborative initiatives that offer employees of all levels the chance to make a real impact, both on the company’s bottom line and on public safety. In fact, last year during the annual “Avigilon Hackathon” a group of team members designed a camera that became one of the most successful products in the company’s portfolio.

Hiring efforts also underscore Avigilon’s commitment to North American operations and manufacturing. With plants in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, and Plano, Texas, Avigilon provides technologies to meet the evolving needs of today’s growing global surveillance industry.

Interested in making an impact and pursuing a career at Avigilon? Visit the company’s career page to learn more.

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