“I do a lot of mixing and matching with high- and low-end,” says Jean Wang of Extra Petite, who stands just shy of 5 feet. A consultant by day, she fills her blog with tips for alterations, tailor-less tricks (like inventive belt maneuvering) and picks from petite-friendly brands—and she does it all in stylish size-five shoes.

Her style in three words: Classic, feminine, with a little whimsy. Go-to piece this summer: My white Céline nano bag—a white bag is a must for summer! Hidden fashion gem: My fashion lifesaver is my tailor located in a hole-in-the-wall spot in Chinatown. He doesn’t even have a real storefront other than a sewing machine and piece of paper taped to the window, but he works magic on so many of my pieces. Instagram account to follow: @brianmcw’s account makes me fall a little more in love with Boston each day. Her largest collection: Volume-wise, it’s definitely shoes. My favorite are my blue suede Manolos, which I wore on my wedding day. I had sewn on crystal bracelets across the straps to dress them up and then removed them for more casual wear. Outerwear is also one of my favorite things to splurge on and was one of the first designer pieces I bought myself when I first started working. A good coat can definitely brighten up a winter morning commute. What readers don’t know: If only readers could see my actual outfit when I’m at home writing posts about fashion. I’m usually in my husband’s boxers and a clashing flannel PJ top.

Photographed by Katie Noble

When Britt Lees isn’t buried in law school work, the Boston College grad is busy perusing the racks at spots like South End boutique Viola Lovely—“They love plants as much as I love plants”—and working on The Relevance Report, where she chats up local businesswomen, shares savvy travel tips and features fashion, food and fitness tidbits.

Her style in three words: Minimalistic, sleek and a bit masculine. Go-to piece this summer: I’m currently in love with pilot jackets and am slowly amassing a huge collection. They’re a great piece to throw over a white T-shirt and jeans. I have this warm rust-colored one—it’s a fall color, so it’s unexpected, but so good. Favored photo background: There is a spot off of Arlington—Providence Street—that I discovered with my friend Kayte a year or so ago. It’s a long alleyway with a bunch of different backdrops as you go down. I always shoot on the white and cement-ish ones, and Kayte always goes for the darker-toned walls. Instagram account to follow: @jooleeloren. It’s a fashion/pop culture/humor page, and it’s all hand-drawn caricatures of the person who runs it. She’s so tapped into trends and intertwines that knowledge with sarcasm and so much wit. Her largest collection: I have this crazy obsession with white sneakers. I think I have about 15 pairs. Also, in the most amazing turn of events, my mom just informed me that she found my entire middle school collection of Superstars. Since my feet haven’t grown since sixth grade, I’m pretty pumped to get those back in my hands.

Photographed by Katie Noble

Galway gal Kerrie M. Burke made her way across the pond almost three years ago, and she fits right in among Beacon Hill’s bricks and cobblestones. “We’re not the biggest risk-takers here in Boston, so people have a tendency to assume we’re lacking in style,” Burke says, but her chic posts at KerrieMBurke.com debunk that belief.

Her style in three words: Chic, classic, feminine. Go-to piece this summer: The straw boater I just picked up. It makes almost every outfit just that little bit more special and hides a multitude of sins—you wouldn’t believe how big my hair gets when it’s humid out. Favored photo background: The Street at Chestnut Hill. I especially love those big blue doors outside of Portobello Road. Best fashion score this year: I’m obsessed with statement sunnies and buy pair after pair despite generally ending up wearing one on repeat until I’m begged to stop—yes, that actually happened. Right after the holidays, I found the most incredible Karen Walkers on mega-sale, which I’m even more smitten with now that I’ve seen she’s rereleased the style at full price. #score What readers don’t know: Attempting to pull your Spanx on in the back seat of a car while cruising down the highway? Not cute! Trying to angle your phone so you can capture those peonies minus last night’s pizza? Never so easy! And my recent trip to Florida, I’ve never known heat—or sweat—like that.

Photographed by Katie Noble

Twin sisters Ashley and Katie Hess may look nearly identical; their style, not so much. “If Katie is an antique store, Ashley is a bodega,” quip the pair, who wax wittily about a range of stylish subjects—including how to rock a nude bodysuit without looking like George Costanza—at The Party of Two.

Their style in three words: Downtown, contradictory and fresh. Go-to pieces this summer: Clutches with character. Ashley: I’m very psyched on this crazy little jute clutch with colorful embroidery and pompom trim by Moyna. Katie: I picked up this straw clutch with green cacti on it by Kayu back when there was still snow on the ground, but I knew I’d need it by my side come 70 degrees and sunshine. Favored photo backgrounds: We oftentimes shoot in a back alley in the Seaport off Congress Street or in front of a granite building on Stuart Street. We promise it’s not as sketchy as it sounds—or maybe it is, but it gets the job done. Instagram-worthy cup of coffee: Ogawa for matcha lattes, Tatte for coffee on marble countertops. Best fashion score this year: Ashley: Probably the aforementioned Moyna clutch that is now sold out everywhere. In the words of Beyoncé, I ain’t sorry. Katie: Considering I relentlessly called nearly every Gucci store in the United States until I found what (I was told) was the last pair of Princetown slippers in a size 37.5, I feel very compelled to say those.

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