Look around: From chokers to crop tops, Doc Martens to skater dresses, and all the flannel a Cambridge pub can handle, the ’90s are back. We’re not mad about it. And it’s not just fashion throwing it back to the halcyon days of Clueless and Pearl Jam: Hairstyles are quickly following suit. And while we hope to never, ever see a sparkly butterfly clip again, we’re seriously digging modern updates on some of our favorite ’90s trends. So we tapped stylist Brent Compagni of Kent Newton Salon to school us on how to rock some grunge-era looks in 2016. Pro tip: Subtlety is the order of the day.


Subtle Accent Braids

Inspiration: Alicia Silverstone’s top braids, updated to fit current trends.

“These braids are injected sporadically through sleek styles to add a touch of soft whimsy and depth,” Compagni says. “When applying this look at home, just place a braid or two inside a look; you shouldn’t make the braid tight, and you don’t want to see where the braid starts. Place them under a top layer, around the ears or anywhere you can tuck it away and catch little glimpses.”


Double Buns

Inspiration: Gwen Stefani’s No Doubt-era head knots.

“This look is a softer, more playful version of sock buns or a twist on the top knots,” Compagni says. “Just take two separate sections and loosely twist them into soft wispy buns. This look is meant to be a little messy … so layers that don’t all fit in the bun are an added bonus to the look.”


The “Pun” (aka a ponytail/bun mix)

Inspiration: A modern take on Topanga’s ponytails on Boy Meets World (with an assist from Melissa Joan Hart’s wispy face-framing strands in Drive Me Crazy).

“This look is super simple to do at home and versatile,” Compagni explains. “Place a ponytail in any position on the back of your head and pull the hair halfway back through the loop of a hair tie. It can be as neat or messy as you want, depending on the outfit and occasion.”


Zigzag Parting

Inspiration: Neve Campbell and her ’90s zigzag parts.

“It should be deep and deliberate, placed either right in the center or to enhance an extreme side part,” Compagni says. “This look can easily be created at home by taking the edge of a comb or clip and zigzagging through your part. Make sure it’s clean and precise to play up the drama of the zigzag.”

Photo: Holly Rike; Hair: Brent Compagni / Kent Newton Salon; Makeup: Gigi Vieira / Pini Swissa Salon; Model: Chloe / Maggie Inc.

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