When the team behind G2O started to plan for the spa and salon’s new facilities, there was no doubt that it was going to be bigger than its previous Newbury Street digs. Bigger is indeed expected to be better with 3,000 additional square feet, more stations for hair styling, more rooms for massages and an even taller indoor waterfall that now spans two stories as opposed to one. And when G2O opens its doors in February, owner Joyce Hampers and the rest of the staff also have some new services to offer, including an increased focus on salt therapy.

“We knew we had to take it to the next level,” says Christina Gallardo, a spokeswoman for G2O Spa + Salon. “Salt therapy is extremely popular, and we wanted to be the first in the city to really capitalize on that trend.”

In keeping with that salt theme, one wall in a coed sauna is lined with Himalayan salt bricks, and a private flotation pod allows customers to unwind in a super-concentrated bath—essentially an Epsom bath on steroids. There’s also a Himalayan salt massage and a similar body treatment. But the signature treatment at the new G2O will be the salt cave: 380-square-feet lined with Himalayan salt bricks and eight chairs. The 45-minute service will release salt into the air from a halogenerator.

There’s more than salt to savor in the three-story, 17,000-square-foot space. G2O’s top floor is carpeted to ensure a quieter experience. There are two couples massage rooms among the now seven massage rooms and six other treatment rooms. On the same floor, there’s also a relaxation room with six chaise lounge chairs as well as room for virtual-reality meditation. On the lower levels, the manicure stations include the now-mandatory air vents, while the pedicure seats feature dividers for privacy. The salon—boasting picturesque views of Copley Square—is outfitted with 17 hair styling stations as well as one private station. In addition, there’s four Jetsons-like Italian hair dryers that include infrared technology and come with 11 different settings to adjust temperature and speed as well as a shampoo room that fits six customers.

“Everything is the newest and cutting edge,” Gallardo says. “We knew we still wanted to be a one-stop shop and an urban oasis, but we wanted to up the ante.”


G2O Spa + Salon, 33 Exeter St., Boston (617-262-2220) g2ospasalon.com

Model: Alexia / Maggie Inc

G2O Spa + Salon

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