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A stylish pen is mightier than the bored.


Top row, left to right
Color Chart mechanical pencil, $28 at Topdrawer
Chopstick pencil set, $2 at the Paper Mouse
Japan pen, $12 at Patch NYC
Snow & Graham pen, $15 for three at the ICA Store
Hay Terrazzo pencil, $2.30 at Ouimillie
Contrail color flag ballpoint pen, $15 at Topdrawer
Rubber quill pen, $6 at Gift at the Gardner

Bottom row, left to right
Hay Terrazzo pencil, $2.30 at Ouimillie
A Lost Art 7-inch twig pencils, $10 for 10 at Boston General Store
Sprout pencil, $2.50 at Magpie
Appointed kids pencils, $10 for six at Boston General Store
Color Chart mechanical pencil, $28 at Topdrawer
Katie Leamon marbled pencil, $15 for six at the ICA Store
Palomino Blackwing Pearl pencil, $3 each at the Paper Mouse

Where to buy it?

Boston General Store, 305 Harvard St., Brookline (617-232-0103) bostongeneralstore.com; Gift at the Gardner, 25 Evans Way, Boston (617-566-1401) gift.gardnermuseum.org; The ICA Store, 25 Harbor Shore Drive, Boston (617-478-3104) icastore.org; Magpie, 416 Highland Ave., Somerville (617-623-3330) magpie-store.com; Ouimillie, 121 Charles St., Boston (617-982-7962) ouimillie.com; The Paper Mouse, 1274 Washington St., Newton (617-928-9898) thepapermouse.com; Patch NYC, 46 Waltham St., Boston (617-426-0592) patchnyc.com; Topdrawer, 273 Newbury St., Boston (857-305-3934) topdrawershop.com

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