Perkins Possibilities Gala

Sound and Vision

Perkins School for the Blind officially deserves a place on the list of New England’s top party schools, thanks to its annual Perkins Possibilities Gala.

Lenny Clarke and Kevin Bright at Perkins Possibilities Gala

Held on its Watertown campus, the event is a hoedown of epic proportions, beginning with a cocktail hour under a large white tent and continuing with dinner, dancing, a live auction and amazing performances. That’s in no small part due to its high-octane co-chairs Corinne Grousbeck and Kevin Bright, who welcomed a crowd that included his wife, Claudia, and her kids, Campbell and Kelsey, with her other half, Matt Cosby, newlywed lovebirds Katherine Chapman Stemberg and Bill Schnorr, the incomparable RoAnn Costin, morning radio babe Kennedy Elsey, Perkins alum and Mercedes dealer Adam Roberge, funnyman Lenny Clarke with his brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Sharon, the stunning Simone Winston, golden couple Courtney and Michael Forrester, brunette bombshell Andrea Brooks, mega-philanthropists Sandy and Paul Edgerley, Hong Kong-bred Bond girl Evelyn Treacy, and one woman wearing a Chanel fanny pack, which elicited the following response: “Oh, for Christ’s sake.”

Corinne Grousbeck at Perkins Possibilities Gala

The evening’s most amusing observation came from the woman who said, “It doesn’t matter how fancy the party is. We always end up out in the parking lot, next to the dumpster. 

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