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There’s too much time wasted on advising singles how and with whom they should pair off. This well-meaning malarkey is predicated on the idea that single means solitary, that coupling is an individual’s raison d’être. But the 20 eclectic and attractive people in this article are proof that those who fly solo can reach great heights.

We compiled a guest list of some of the city’s most accomplished, interesting, intelligent and attractive men and women who happen not to be currently attached. Just the sort of people you’d want at a swank cocktail party. So we threw one for them. On a recent wintry evening, Back Bay hotspot Forum served as the glamorous backdrop to a mixer for our superlative crew. Belvedere vodka cocktails and glasses of Moët in hand, our guests broke the ice, mingled and perhaps exchanged a phone number or two. And if the setting weren’t elegant enough, our singles proved they were all exceedingly snappy dressers.

As always, the list is divided evenly by gender, and includes folk from different walks of life. (Although, turns out the two gay bachelors live in the same building, which kind of deflates the diversity.) As they all proved on that heady night at Forum, each of these ladies and gentlemen can walk into a crowded room and hold court—not that they’re necessarily looking to meet Prince or Princess Charming. Or maybe they are. The point is, we’re lucky to live in a city where you can meet such cool people over a well-mixed gimlet.

It’s our pleasure to introduce Boston’s Most Eligible Singles, Class of 2012. 

Hugo Liu Chief Scientist,; Taste Researcher,
MIT, 32

One of those people you notice instantly, if only for the rock ’n’ roll hairdo and super-fly threads. Something about him screams staggeringly intelligent, which might be the Ph.D. from MIT, or the fact that he was a researcher at the MIT Media Lab and is an expert on artificial intelligence who works where technology intersects with style and taste. He reads The Economist cover to cover, created a cooking software program that allows users to browse recipes according to emotion (which earned him ink in The New York Times), and he’s worked with a Scotch blender to create customized bottles of whiskey that induce Proustian memories. Born in Xi’an, China, and raised in Amherst, he cites Coco Chanel as his favorite philosopher. Despite the fact that he works in the highest reaches of tech, he considers online dating a waste of time. Lately, he's been serving as chief scientist at, which was recently acquired by eBay. A guy to watch, whether you want tips
on couture or the hottest IPO.

James DiSabatino Chief Cheese Griller, Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese, 24

You might recognize him from The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network, or because he made you a kick-ass sandwich from his Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese truck. A Revere native with a thick Boston accent (which he admittedly and hypocritically dislikes in women), he’s as unpretentious as they come. Like a character dreamed up by Ben and Matt, he felt out of place at Emerson, but his unconventional approach to life has paid off, and he’ll soon be able to call himself a restaurant owner. A punk-music fan, this T-shirt–and–jeans guy will take a good burger over a four-star restaurant any day. One of his favorite ways to get to know someone is to people-watch with them. He has enough charm and charisma that, after a first date ended with a grease fire and ringing alarms, the girl still went with him on a second. Quirky in a quintessentially Boston way, Iceland is his favorite place, although
the night of our mixer, he arrived straight off a 12-hour flight from Hawaii.

Erin McEvoy Manager, Boston Bruins Foundation, 27

A dazzling smile and chestnut hair are merely two of her highly attractive traits, many of which have more to do with her character. As the coordinator of the Boston Bruins Foundation, she oversees the team’s charitable efforts, and she’s actively involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Last year, she was named Nonprofit Planner of the Year by the BizBash Boston Readers' Choice Awards. A Cape Cod native, she’s a beach bunny who loves tidal marshes, bonfires on the sand and every type of seafood. Easygoing and confident, she has an uncanny ability to make whomever she’s talking to feel like the most important person in the world. When asked to get involved with a worthwhile cause, she can't say no, so she’s sometimes overcommitted. A can-do attitude makes her an asset to any charity. Be forewarned: The worst thing a guy could do on a first date would be to cheer for the wrong team.

Bill Stone Industry Solution Tiger Team—Retail & CP Industries, North America, IBM, 43

This tech executive is the antithesis of what you’d expect from a boardroom veteran. Active in charities that range from Habitat for Humanity to the American Red Cross (he was a volunteer at Ground Zero after 9/11), he’s also given his time to the Enkosini Wildlife Reserve's lion rescue program in South Africa (where he got to “play with lions after signing a waiver saying it was OK if I was lunch”). Spontaneous and adventurous, in the past year he’s jetted off with only a few days’ notice on surfing trips to Costa Rica, to sail and scuba-dive in the British Virgin Islands and hang-glide in Rio. He considers his best feature his yellow Lab, Cali, to whom he’s devoted. An excellent cook and a lover of anything to do with the ocean, he’s handy around the house, wears his heart on his sleeve and is a hopeless romantic.  


Cairo Kironyo Makeup Artist, MAC Cosmetics, 25

It’s almost a given that Catholic schoolgirls gravitate toward the forbidden fruit of cosmetics, but this MAC makeup artist took it to the next level. Gamine and gorgeous, her smile is as genuine as it is dazzling, and because she’s been bartending for six years, she’s not only the life of any party but can dish it as well as she takes it. An art lover, she also has a taste for painting, poetry and design. A Brockton native, she’s at home in Boston's dining scene and boasts the entertaining skills of a fledgling Martha Stewart. Her idea of a great date involves “amazing conversation free of awkward silences,” and her notion of a romantic getaway is Positano (or anywhere else on the Amalfi Coast). Bonus points for charming dimples.



Adam Beddie Store Manager, Gretta Luxe, 30

A guy any mother would want her son to bring home: He's kind and charming, with the sort of good looks that age well. He made a favorable impression on several people at our mixer due to his boyish appeal and urbane wit. Raised in Japan and Ogunquit (an odd combo), he went to New Orleans just in time to survive Hurricane Katrina before starting over in Boston. Having worked for Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and departed Newbury Street boutique Stil, he's a natural to work at fashion mecca Gretta Luxe as manager, where he spends his days making women feel beautiful. One disarming physical characteristic: His eyes change color. One disarmingly charming anecdote: He once went on a first date that was going fine until the waitress approached the table with a cake, singing “Happy first date!” to the tune of “Happy Birthday.” Unfailingly upbeat and quick to laugh, he’s the man you're imagining when your best friend says, "I think I found the perfect guy for you."


Eric Papachristos Co-Owner of Trade restaurant, 34

One man for whom the adjective “dreamy” is apt, you may remember him from his (blessedly brief) 2008 stint on The Bachelorette. Born in Boston but raised in Thessaloniki, this Greek god came back to the States as a teen and is now a co-owner (with Sean Griffing and chef Jody Adams) of the blindingly hot restaurant Trade. Completely self-made, as a teen, he and his brother convinced their father to let them open a deli in his variety store. Within no time, they were making bank, and it’s been moving upwards ever since. He served as the food and beverage manager at Los Angeles’ swanky Standard Hotel, and then moved back to Boston where he worked in finance in Harvard's I.T. department while earning a master’s at Northeastern. Add a stint as an executive at Ropes & Gray and owning a pair of successful family restaurants, and central casting couldn’t do any better for a leading man. To stay in fighting trim, he’s a certified CrossFit trainer, while this past summer he rode 192 miles (with Griffing and Adams) in the Pan-Mass Challenge. Aside from the villa in Como, Clooney’s got nothing on him. 

Jesse Mermell Selectman, Town of Brookline; State Director,
Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually
Impaired, 31

Determined to make the world a better place, this Pennsylvania native is the youngest person ever elected to the Brookline Board of Selectmen and serves as the state director of the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (MAB). She’s fiercely loyal, occasionally sarcastic and her ideal date is “anything that isn’t too stuffy and involves lots of laughing. Bonus points if it includes Fenway Park and/or Dairy Queen.” A bumper sticker in her office says: “Ich ben niet koppig. Ich ben Nederlands,” or, “I’m not stubborn. I’m Dutch.” Given her grit, it’s not surprising that she finished the Boston Marathon. Equally unsurprising: She did it to raise money for Brookline Community Mental Health. Guys without good manners don’t stand a chance, and she considers the Public Garden one of the city's most romantic spots. Which means she has excellent taste.

Kurt Cole Eidsvig Artist, Writer and Consultant, 37

Few people are successful artists. Even fewer are successful artists and high-powered consultants. A painter whose work is regularly exhibited in galleries and juried shows, a writer and critic for numerous publications, and a poet whose words have been published in more anthologies and collections than you’ve ever read, his success in corporate America allowed him to start his own consulting firm five years ago. Heavily involved in the Fort Point Arts Community, he also serves on the board of Round Table Servants, a nonprofit supporting arts and athletics for inner-city teens. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by the 400-page novel he has tucked away or his affinity for Hemingway, especially given that he earned an MFA in creative writing from the University of Montana. His wanderlust led him to drive cross-country at least six times, and he loves to travel abroad. A dichotomy wrapped up in a conundrum, he can listen to the Wu-Tang Clan at top volume or contemplate a Monet
for hours.

Dana Searle Food and Beverage Manager, Woodward at
Ames, 23

A rising star in the local culinary scene, this Connecticut native became the food and beverage manager at Woodward almost immediately after finishing her degree in hospitality at B.U.—but not before she’d worked at a private downtown club, a Newbury Street restaurant, a suburban country club and Walt Disney World. Her killer sense of humor, infectious laugh, great hair and self-assurance make her incandescent. She rides a motorcycle and has the kind of karma that results in things like a first date where she and a girl found a bench overlooking the water and a fireworks display just happened to explode before their eyes. Perhaps most telling: Despite the fact that she’s a lesbian, two of the guys she met at the mixer have come in to the hotel to pay a visit.

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