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Comedian Hannibal Buress takes a break from playing a weird dentist named Lincoln on Comedy Central’s new show Broad City to perform two shows on March 8 at the Wilbur.

Lincoln is just a cool dentist, you know? He’s just trying to make money and trying to get Ilana to settle down, and Ilana is not trying to settle down. She’s a little younger. She’s out there f—ing around and being immature. But Lincoln is being patient with her, because she’s got the box!

If I was going to the dentist, I would have Yelped him and seen all types of reviews and made sure he was reputable. Then, yeah, I would go to Lincoln! … Lincoln would probably have 3.5 stars on Yelp, which is not bad.

There’s a video online, if you search my name and “hipster heckler,” of this couple in the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. They had a bunch of clothes and lamps, and they start dancing around. And this dude just starts throwing clothes on stage. It really made me mad! Another funny thing is when somebody heckles, and I’ll handle them and use them for material for a few minutes, and then afterward they say, “Hey, I gave you material!” Like they saved the show, or if they weren’t there I would just be sitting on stage saying nothing for 60 minutes.

Yeah, that’s like going to see a band and pulling out your own guitar and trying to play in the audience.

Losing my virginity. I was trying to lose my virginity for a long time, but I didn’t want to do stand-up until maybe three weeks or a month before I started. So it was a lot less buildup, you know?

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