After nearly two decades of making music, Bryce Vine rose to the top of the charts with the release of his 2017 hit “Drew Barrymore,” and the former Berklee student is keeping the momentum going with his new album, Carnival. We caught up with Vine before he takes the stage at Brighton Music Hall on Feb. 6.

How does it feel coming back to Boston? Boston’s like a second home for me because of all the time I spent there. Every time we come back and play, it’s like, “Oh look, Mass. Ave., Boylston, Newbury Comics! Oh man!” We pull all the stops and we just relive our old days. My DJ and I went to college together at Berklee—that’s where we met—so it’s always fun for us when we go back. They were some of the first shows to start selling out a couple years ago before I was really established.

What led you to use Drew Barrymore as a muse? Her name is iconic, right? She’s iconic, but so is that name. I wanted to use somebody as an example that kind of represented what I was trying to talk [about], which is a special kind of person who’s not necessarily the first kind of girl that everybody would think of. She’s funny and she’s cute. She’s kind of badass. She’s got a whole other side of her that I wanted to represent.

What can we expect from your new album? It’s called Carnival. It’s kind of been a theme that I accidentally started using since my first EP, called Lazy Fair, and the second, Night Circus. Carnival is kind of a culmination of all that’s going on in my brain: a lot of color, a lot of distractions and a lot of things happening at once.

What are some of your greatest musical influences? Anybody that comes up with their own thing and that I have to really look deep into figuring out how they got there, like OutKast, Frank Ocean, Stevie Wonder, Fela Kuti. All these people that did stuff that I’ve never really heard done the way they’ve ended up doing it. There’s always a trend that some people follow and that’s why some artists last for a second and some artists last forever. All of them did something that lasted with people, so those are who I look to for inspiration.

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