It’s a small space. I won’t need a microphone. Music is better without amplification.

No. The style of dance that I’m working with is not anything that would be destructive to the music, ’cause it’s not intertwining with the music particularly. It’s not the same as making a music video, which always tears apart the song and puts it back together in some background music kind of way.

I can’t really answer that because so many of them are percussion instruments, and percussion instruments combine to form larger instruments, so you can’t easily say where one ends and the next begins. Outside of percussion instruments, probably 100. That’s my hobby.

Oh no, I have plenty of grammatical errors in my songs, and I wholeheartedly endorse grammatical errors in popular music. “The Times They Are A-Changin’” would be very hard to translate into correct English without ruining the song. If you can’t use what would otherwise be substandard language for repetition, then the musicality of the text falls apart.

Sometimes performing live can be a hoot if I’m getting to do something that I don’t ordinarily do. What I don’t like doing really is touring, where I have to do the same performance again and again in different cities and I never get to go home. It’s a low level of torture. Sleep deprivation is considered part of torture, and sleep deprivation is definitely part of the touring package.

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