After wowing Esplanade crowds with the Boston Pops last year on July Fourth, singer Andy Grammer stops back in town on May 9 for Opening Night at the Pops. He later hits the stage at Tanglewood on June 22 as part of his tour in support of The Good Parts, which dropped in December. The musician chatted about playing with an orchestra and the positive vibes from his hits like “Honey, I’m Good.”

What excites you most about playing with the Pops? It’s just a really rare thing to be able to perform with an orchestra. As a musician, there’s not many times it gets to happen. And then to actually have them learning and interpreting my own written creations is really special, and I’m really excited about it.

How has orchestra music affected your work? One of my dreams is to be a part of a movie score situation. I’m a huge Pixar fan, and they use a lot of orchestras, and I’m a big Randy Newman fan, and he’s incredible with orchestras.

Is there a particular movie you would’ve loved to score? The score for Up is one of my favorites. I think it’s so good. It’s got a full orchestra and it’s amazing.

Has it been difficult following up on the success of “Honey, I’m Good” with your newest album? You just have to keep doing what you love, and it will hit people in different ways—and that doesn’t really have much to do with you if you’re an artist. You just keep putting out what makes your heart fill up. After being on this tour and having everyone come out and scream every word back at me, I think it’s been a pretty successful one.

What’s on the docket for the coming year? Because the tour went so well and filled up, we’re probably going to do another run of some cities that we haven’t hit. So that’s going to be incredible. This tour’s been incredible. I’m on my way to another writing session right now, and hopefully we’ll be releasing more music this year and just keep it all going.

Have you always stayed as optimistic in your career as your music is? There wasn’t really a moment where it was like, “If this doesn’t happen, then it’s time to give it up.” I do think that the person who doesn’t even think that way is the one who is “lucky,” so to speak. I do think you have to have a little bit of crazy in you to decide that street performing is your best option—and to continue thinking that for like four years. To wake up again, and think, “Hey, I think this is a good idea,” for like the third year in a row. You have to be a little out there.

Any new tricks up your sleeve for performing with the Pops? I think we’re doing more songs than we did last time. When I performed for the Fourth of July I only got to do like three songs, but I think we’re doing considerably more than that. So it’s exciting to try even more songs with a full orchestra.

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