Home Again

Boston welcomes back guitarist Joey Santiago and the rest of the Pixies on Jan. 18 at a sold-out Orpheum.


It’s basically the same process. For me, I get chords and I play on top of the chords. That’s all in my mind. I can’t worry about anything else. So it sounds so boring, but that’s just about it.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We discussed that. Are we going to please the curmudgeons, or are we going to try and woo in new fans? So we did both.

As far as announcing a release of a record, that’s something new, but that’s something I never really understand. Blah-biddy-blah is going to release this record two months from now. What am I going to do with that? Save money? Now you can just plop it out, it can drop out of the sky and there’s no need to do that. LPs and designs of the full-length album, we just think that’s a dying thing. And this way, the people can absorb the songs a little more.

Yes, yes. It’s just an open-door policy for her. Should she decide that she’s at a festival and goes, “Hey, let’s go do ‘Gigantic,’” OK. Let’s do it, but you gotta wait for the encore.

I would say the Rathskeller…It’s like the equivalent of CBGB in Boston, and when we sold it out the first time it was pretty amazing. The line went around the corner of the street, moving up toward Fenway Park. So it was pretty cool, you know.

Yes, uh huh. That would have felt really bad. The best show I saw there, by the way, was Public Enemy. It felt dangerous. I thought I was going to die. There were soldiers up front, and they would move at random moments but at the same time. What the f—, you know. It was just awesome.

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