Live Review: Diana Ross Shines at Citi Wang Theatre


Diana Ross summons memories of classic Motown hits with the Supremes, glamorous outfits, and her iconic persona as one of pop music’s premier divas. But the 71-year-old Ross certainly didn’t bring any diva’s attitude to the Citi Wang Theatre on Saturday. On the contrary, the beaming singer — who looked and sounded fabulous, regardless of age — proved warm and generous to both the audience and her sublime backing musicians.

“I love when they turn the house lights up and I see your faces,” Ross told her diverse fans. “You have no idea what that means to me.” And she genuinely came across as a seasoned stage professional who’s also happy and thankful for her long, successful career.

Sure, the spotlight was on Ross, who went through several costume changes of sequins, feathers and ruffles — in a few colors, with matching hand-fans to cool herself down in style. Yet the show wasn’t all about her, as lights shined into a sea of people dancing, singing along, and capturing the moment on camera phones.

From opening pride anthem “I’m Coming Out” to a rousing finale of the Gloria Gaynor standard “I Will Survive” (with standout solo turns across her tightly arranged five-man band and three backup singers), Ross threw an inclusive, hit-filled party.

She kicked in early with a stretch of the Supremes’ ’60s gems (“My World is Empty Without You,” “Baby Love,” “Stop, in the Name of Love” and “Love Child”). She dipped into jazzy blues phrasing for Billie Holiday nugget “Don’t Explain” (without vocal backups, which she never relied on anyway). When an audience member hopped onstage to dance to “Upside Down,” Ross not only rolled with it, she hugged him, then invited a guy up from the other side to test his moves. She heightened the sing-alongs with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” and she got all hands swaying to “Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand) to complete the communal love-in.

The night’s only downside was how quickly it all happened. Like clockwork, Ross hit the stage within moments of the show’s 8 p.m. starting time and in less than 80 minutes, it was all over. Some fans might have preferred more of her early hits instead of “Ease on Down the Road” (from musical The Wiz) or covers like “Why Do Fools Fall in Love.” Yet there was really no wasted time and no going through the motions. The Boston crowd was summarily thrilled and fulfilled, as Diana Ross came and conquered — with heart, soul and precision.

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