Weekend Ideas: January 2, 2016


Happy New Year, as 2016 slowly kicks into gear. The weekend’s biggest concert arrives at House of Blues on Saturday with the legendary Roots crew. The Roots have been busy serving as house band for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but they make a point of getting up to these parts around the holidays, and with the hip-hop pioneers’ lengthy track record and show-band flair, they’re always good for a free-wheeling set. Maybe the Roots will even cover “Sweet Child O’ Mine” like they do in this recent clip, given heightened rumors that Axl Rose and Slash will rekindle the original Guns N’ Roses in the new year. After the House of Blues show, Roots drummer Questlove also takes things a step further with a DJ after-set at the Sinclair on a bill with Frank White.

On Sunday, the DC hardcore band Scream — also legendary in particular for being a pre-Nirvana vehicle for Dave Grohl — bang into Great Scott on Sunday, even if they don’t have Grohl on drums as in this 1988 live clip.

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