The Aftermath ★★ 1/2 It doesn’t take a detective to figure out that The Aftermath is another Keira Knightley paycheck movie, a post-war period piece where the actress wears tailored cardigan sets and cries in bathtubs and has an affair with a man taller than her husband. But, isn’t that the dream? Read more»

The Beach Bum ★★★ 1/2“With his latest flick, The Beach Bum, [Harmony] Korine has grown up and mellowed out, shifting his attention inward to make perhaps the only introspective and genuinely kind film of his entire career—all the while preserving his idiosyncratic directing style and penchant for the bizarre.” Read more»

Captain Marvel ★ 1/2 Unfortunately, Captain Marvel doesn’t bring the same creativity to the table, instead folding back into familiar, overplayed territory to tell the first woman-led story in its cinematic universe.” Read more»

Climax ★★ “Gaspar Noé’s never met a drug he didn’t like—and he doesn’t like much else. In Climax, the provocateur’s psychoactive substance of choice is LSD, secretly dripped into a bowl of sangria at the sprawling French schoolhouse where the film’s dance troupe is rehearsing, but the drug may as well be lust, or sin, or time itself.” Read more»

Five Feet Apart ★★ Five Feet Apart is a young-adult tear-jerker bogged down by cliche and a lack of vision, buoyed only by a fresh performance from lead actress Haley Lu Richardson (Support the Girls, Columbus) and an honest conversation about the loneliness of disease.” Read more»

Gloria Bell  ★★★ 1/2 “This mixture of the magical and the mundane carries Gloria Bell to the very end, and although its conclusion isn’t free of rom-com cliche (see: a killer green dress, a wedding and revenge), Lelio’s lens and Moore’s performance make it fresh—and tinged with melancholy.” Read more»

High Life  (pictured) ★★★ “Combining aspects of horror, sci-fi and prison drama, the film is a challenging puzzle that even the most devout Denis fans may struggle to piece together, but that doesn’t negate its thrilling, terrifying viewing experience.” Read more»

Transit ★★★ “An on-the-road tale of stolen identity that’s imbued with suffocating urgency and paranoia, Transit uses many of the conventions of noir—mysterious brunette, dead husbands—to weave a Kafkaesque narrative about how memory functions in the face of trauma and political oppression. Read more»

Us ★★★ “When you’re not marveling at the acting abilities of [Lupita] Nyong’o, you’ll be spinning your wheels trying to put together a puzzle that can’t be solved.” Read more»

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