Blaze ★★★ “If you believe—like myself—that Ethan Hawke is not as well known as he should be after more than three decades of appearing on movie screens, Blaze doesn’t do him any favors.” Read more >>

Colette ★★ 1/2  (pictured) “Look no further than the poster’s tagline for this biopic to get a sense of what you’re in for: “History is about to change.” Read more >>

Fahrenheit 11/9 ★★  “As bad as it was watching the results come in that night, it’s no easier watching Moore repackage the events in a horrifying montage as a hostile takeover.” Read more >>

The House with a Clock in its Walls ★★ 1/2 “Who knew that Newton-born Eli Roth, the twisted mind behind Hostel and R-rated trash like the recent Death Wish remake would have a PG-rated Amblin entertainment-branded film in him?” Read more >>

Juliet, Naked ★★★ “Sure, it’s contrived, but once all the players finally share the stage, the results are both hilarious and heartfelt—as any good adaptation of a Nick Hornby novel should be.” Read more >>

Kin ★ 1/ “Directed by Australian brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker—newcomers expanding their 15-minute short Bag Man into a heavy-handed Terminator rip-off…err, homage…” Read more >>

Life Itself ★ “Full disclosure: I’ve never seen an episode of Dan Fogelman’s This Is Us. But if the popular TV show he created is anything like Life Itself, the second movie he’s written and directed, I never will. ” Read more >>

The Little Stranger ★★★ 1/ Oscar-nominated director Lenny Abrahamson brings a chilling reflection on the post-war collapse of Britain’s class system Read more >>

The Old Man & the Gun ★★★ Robert Redford bids a nostalgic farewell to acting. Read more >>

Peppermint ★ On the surface, this amoral vigilante thriller looks like any other throwback to the carnage-filled action schlock of the ’80s and ’90s, but arriving in 2018, a film that demonizes Mexicans as drug dealers and murderers comes off as less Death Wish than Deplorable Wish Fulfillment.” Read more >>

The Predator ★★ Fittingly, he assembles a mostly forgettable, wisecracking cast for The Predator, headlined by Boyd Holbrook as a sniper who sets off an overly complicated plot that’s designed to set up sequels to presumably come sooner, rather than later.” Read more >>

A Simple Favor ★ 1/“If you’ve seen David Fincher’s Gone Girl, you’ve seen this type of trashy neo-noir made far more skillfully by someone who knows how to stage and even light a scene.” Read more >>

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